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We provide a high standard quality manpower services that serve the business requirement. Our specialized services can be customize based on the requirements weather it is Mediation or Rental


Sraco HR provides mediation procedures for the recruitment Technical employment for all occupations on the client’s visa.


The hiring commitment with our clients in order to meet their needs of standard and specialized domestic workers upon completion of all the private & governmental requirements and it is the employer’s responsibility to provide food & accommodation.

Business Sector

Hospital Sector
Retail Sector
Construction Sector
Building Maintenance Services
Education Sector
Facility Management Services
General Services
Health Sector
Industrial Services
Manufacturing Sector
Oil Gas Services
Operation Maintenance Sector

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Established in 1982, SRACO, which stands for SRACO Company,has been one of the primarily built companies based in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

Office Address

Sraco Human Resources Co.
Dammam Branch.
Al-Moraikebat, Othman bin Affan St. PO Box. 6669 Postal Code 31452
Al-Hassa Branch .
Al Houfof, Al-Rawodhah, King Abduallah Rd.

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013 8071443


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